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"Lessons In Success from the NBA's Top Players"

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By Michael T. Glenn

From the outside world, the game of professional basketball is often viewed on a simple level. It's seen as a fiercely competitive sport, with outstanding athletes talented in the art of dunking a basket or blocking a shot. But, few have an opportunity to speak with the players to get a multidimensional view of what really makes them successful human beings.

In his insightful book, "Lessons in Success from the NBA's Top Players", former National Basketball Association (NBA) player, Mike Glenn takes us beyond the locker room conversations and post-game wrap-ups, into the hearts and minds of the men that make up the game. He explores the traits that make them successful in basketball and life, and skillfully highlights thoughts and common bonds that bind these outstanding individuals with other great men and women in world history.

"Lessons in Success shows us how NBA players achieve success through their dedication, hard work and the type of attitude they possess," said former NBA player and Atlanta Hawks coach, Lenny Wilkens. "This book will inspire its readers to better define success in their lives and give them some useful guidelines and principles to help them achieve their goals."

From the thoughts of the Chicago Bull's, Michael Jordan, to Madam C.J. Walker and from Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz, to Oliver Wendell Holmes, Glenn skillfully pairs contemporary perspectives on life and success, with that of great leaders and philosophers who left us with a strong legacy of courage and mental toughness.

To order book by mail please make check or money order for $19.00 payable to Mike Glenn. If you would like a signed and dedicated copy please indicate with your order.

"Lessons From My Library"
Volume 1


By Michael T. Glenn

In Lesson From My Library Volume I Glenn shares inspiration, insight and information from his library. He researched and wrote eleven lucid and credible biographies of American heroes.

In the introduction Glenn pronounces:

We are recognizing people that were an inspiration because of their accomplishments in the face of obstacles of oppression, racism, bigotry, ignorance and hate. These African American are usually not the most studied heroes of our history. Sometimes they are forgotten, overlooked, and omitted, but their contributions to society speak in thunder tones. Not only did these people succeed, they also broke down barriers and walls to make our democracy more humane and just. They laid true foundations upon which to build a nation.

All of these heroes, in one-way or another, fought not only for civil rights but they fought for human rights. If I fight for the right to vote, and I am a human, and I do not exclude other humans, then I fight for a human right. If I fight for the right of whites and exclude blacks, then I have fought for white rights. If I fight for rights of men and exclude women then I have fought for men's rights.
These heroes are part of human history.

"Lessons From My Library"
Volume 2

By Michael T. Glenn

In Lessons From My Library Volume 2 The Integration of Sports history, Mike Glenn introduces his readers to Black pioneers of American sports. Men who played a significant role in the developement of sports without receiving fair recognition are illuminated.


Former tennis champion Arthur Ashe declared that Black athletes "have been the most accomplished figures in the African American subculture. They were vastly better known in their times than people such as Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Dubois or Marcus Garvey. They inspired idolatry bordering on deification and thousands more wanted to follow".


Glenn explained, "When professional and collegiate sports were integrated, Black athletes who participated were recognized for some of their accomplishments. However, Black athletes who preceded the integrationists were dismissed, marginalized or made invisible as if they never even existed. Sports history was never integrated". This book introduces readers to the first great American athlete, Tom Molineaux, to compete for a world title. Glenn escorts Molineaux and eight other heroes across the pages of history and away from the back of the bus.


To obtain your copy of The Integration of Sports History, please send $20.00 to cover shipping, handling and taxes, in the form of check or money order payable to Mike Glenn. If you would like a signed and dedicated copy please indicate with your order. Mail To:

"My Next Shot Goes In; Ten Sacred Characteristics Of NBA Players That Lead To Success"


By Michael T. Glenn

In My Next Shot Goes In; Ten Sacred Characteristics Of NBA Players That Lead To Success, Mike Glenn shows how he was able to use his years of NBA experiences and observations as a player and broadcaster to illustrate tangible characteristics of success. Glenn shared his decision to have his fifth book published. He reflected, "As an inspirational speaker, I have often given these principles to diverse audiences, and they have always requested the information in book form. Everyone seemed to better understand the building blocks for success when reflected through the experiences of NBA players."

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