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Mike Glenn announces 30th Basketball Camp for Deaf


Atlanta (Decatur), Georgia…..Former NBA player Mike “Stinger” Glenn will conduct the  

30th annual “Mike Glenn Basketball Camp for the Hearing Impaired” on June 21 through June 26, 2009.  Approximately 100 hearing impaired male and female basketball players from the ages of 14 to 18, from across the nation, will sharpen their skills and learn valuable life lessons. Many current and retired  professional athletes and other celebrities will join in the celebration.

By opening the camp on Father’s Day, Glenn pays tribute to his late father, Charles Glenn, who coached all sports at the Georgia School for the Deaf.  Mike Glenn recalls, “While coaching for almost 20 years at a segregated Black deaf school, my father received no pay; there was none in the budget.  However, he and his teams showered me with love, inspiration, inclusion, and instructions that would ultimately define me and my biggest contribution to society. For 29 years it has been a joy and a privilege to share basketball experiences and friends with the deaf community that adopted me into their world without reservations. Through each of these camps, I also honor my best friend, Reggie Johnson, who was killed in an accident while working. Each camp shirt that comes from this camp will have the name and/or the initials of my dad and Reggie. This story could not be complete nor could my camp be complete without sharing this information.”

             Glenn continued, “I am so grateful for all the volunteers, sponsors, athletes and companies that have made my vision their reality. I am often overwhelmed by people like Vernon Grizzard who contributes as much as any of my corporate sponsors yearly, and by Dan Deprima at Ashburn’s Jewelers in New York who has donated beautiful, first class trophies for 25 years and refuses to accept money.  He only says, “Don’t send any money; let me contribute.” I thank Nike for the shoes for my all star teams; their shoes are motivational.  Coca-Cola has been a cornerstone, and the Clairmont Presbyterian Church, the Hillcrest Church of Christ and the Decatur Recreation Center have been our homes away from home.  I am also indebted to many of my coaches and volunteers who take their vacation each year at camp time to join us. One of my coaches, Phil Merlino from Pennsylvania School for the Deaf has missed his wedding anniversary 20 years to come and coach our kids.  

I am so proud of many of our campers who have returned to help other campers to enjoy and benefit from their experiences.  At the top of that list is Willie Brown, the three-time MVP who, along with another camper Fred Stone, became the first deaf high school referee in Georgia; Brown also officiated some professional basketball games in 2007.  There are countless other success stories of campers and volunteers, but you will have to attend the camp to learn of others.”

            Our list of esteemed visitors is too long to cover. They include: Ambassador Andrew Young,  Martin Luther king III, Lenny Wilkens, Doc Rivers, Dominique Wilkins, “Tree” Rollins, Dan Roundfield, Marvin Webster, Nate Archibald, Marv Albert, Mike Fratello, Xavier McDaniel, James “Red” Moore, Dave Justice, Mitch Kupchak, Teresa Edwards, Valerie Briscoe-Hooks, Theo Ratliff, Dr. Joel Wallach, Roddy White, Michael Douglas and more.

            “Year 30“ promises to be special, but I need your help!  So stay tuned to www.mikeglenn.com.                          

                   Appreciating you,    

       Mike “Stinger” Glenn